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Element of Play® & Toy Library


We know that adverse childhood experiences cause trauma in children. This trauma causes them to miss critical developmental milestones and creates lasting negative consequences in their lives, which has a cumulative effect on their communities. Through Element of Play®, WWO provides children and adults with access to play-based experiences and learning to support child development and school readiness, heal trauma and create healthy, connected and vibrant communities.
A complete Element of Play® program includes: the comprehensive Element of Play® Curriculum and Training Program, the Toy Library including a set of 120 scientifically curated toys and corresponding toy cards, storytelling, music-in-motion, dance, academic support, imagination and arts programming.


The Toy Library is often the first Element of Play® to be introduced into a community setting. As the program evolves, the library will soon transform into a communal space for YOUNG CHILDREN to access programming that supports positive development outcomes and prepares them to enter school, for SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN to receive the academic and psychosocial support they need to thrive in school and successfully transition into adulthood, and for ADULTS to come together to learn about child development, engage in playful activities with children, acquire transferable skills to support future employ-ability and increase civic engagement.

Since the first toy library launching in 2014, multiple libraries have been opened at different project sites from Northern to Southern Vietnam. WWO Vietnam continues to provide training and enrichment for local team of librarians, caregivers, and educators to ensure sustainable result at all operating locations.