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Open House at the first WWO Center for Excellence in Vietnam

On 18 October 2015, the Open house event was held at the WWO Center for Excellence which was a feast of emotions that 70 people and children enjoyed there. In a space of one hour, each and every participant could get in touch with their genuine sense of fear, anger, disgust, sadness and joy. One could not tell the adults from the children as they went through the five “stations of emotion” with absolutely no inhibition. The WWO team in Vietnam facilitated this process based on the theme of the Inside Out movie in honor of Amy Poehler who played the “Joy” character.

The Open House this month was a small-circle event to celebrate contribution of WWO volunteers and collaboration to transforming the lives of more than three thousands of children in Vietnam in the past ten years. The Country Director’s message to all participants was “At the WWO Center for Excellence children living under challenging circumstances have access to need-based, quality services that help them moving forward to independent living. Community members also find opportunities in this meeting point to make contribution to improving the quality of life of the children.”

The WWO Center for Excellence offers alternative care services for children from birth to adolescence to reduce social risks and increase opportunities for comprehensive development.

Besides the monthly events that will be designed with specific themes to reach out to different groups of stakeholders, the Center is open daily to provide comprehensive services that include medical care, life skills, toy library, arts and crafts, counseling and therapy, educational and career development, capacity building for caregivers and service providers. It is expected that every year the Center serves 100 children for comprehensive interventions and support, and another 100 adults for child-focused training.