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Workshop on Child development in practice in WWO Vietnam programs for children from 0 – 18 years of age.

Workshop on Child development in practice in WWO Vietnam programs for children from 0 – 18 years of age.


The WWO workshop on Child Development on May 6 2015 in Ho Chi Minh city was a meeting point of 60 stakeholders coming from all WWO partners institutions in Vietnam, the governmental agencies in charge of child care and protection, and representatives from the private sector. The common interest that brought them together at the workshop was the wellbeing of orphans and children at risk.

A managing director of a PR company said: “it turned out that it is not a ‘normal’ workshop at all! Instead of sitting still for hours making doodles, I found myself so engaged in the stories of your work. Thank you so much for bringing us together today and I hope to join more meetings as such”. This young man, along with a group of another 4 young entrepreneurs that stayed until the end of the workshop, has become totally committed to the comprehensive interventions approach of WWO in Vietnam. From this CSR-oriented group, many kinds of educational toys and various child-focused services will be contributed to the WWO program, in particular the toy libraries at the children’s care centers. Profound thanks to Viet Tinh Anh-My Kingdom and Wonder Dome for your kind hearts!

We are also grateful to Dr. Nguyen Minh Anh, a practiced psychologist who provided Child Development knowledge in practical, jargon-free terms thereby removed any communication barriers. At the end of the workshop, all participants acknowledged that the workshop relevance and the chance to discuss inspired them to do more and better work for the children in their charge.  Now we are all aware that our effort can help transform the lives of orphans and special need children so that they can grow into much healthier and happier adulthood.

Ms. Anh Thu, HSBC Vietnam Sustainable Development manager shared from both perspectives: donor and volunteer of the toy library “at first the boy kept running from me, and if he stayed, he would show no emotions at all. As time went, he would run to me and took the lead to engage me in his play session. He started to get interest in other children and join them in their games. It is all we need to know that the toy library made a change in the life of the child.” 

Along with the gesture of the young entrepreneurs, this testimony enhanced the faith of all practitioners present in the workshop in their work for the children.


Workshop evaluation report

  1. Participants



Partners management and staff 


Relevant institutions (DOLISA, children institutions)


Children product companies




WWO staff





  1. Participants’ comments

2.1   Is there any part of the workshop that you will find useful in other aspects of your professional work? Please describe

-        Child development stages

-        Demonstration for children

-        Children need-based interventions

-        Child development intervention approaches

-        Role play and experience sharing activities

-        WWO’s children interventions

-        Psychosocial intervention impact

-        Care and support adolescents

-        Adults are role models for children behavior

-        All presentations

-        How to apply child development knowledge in working with children

2.2   Please tell us one thing from the workshop that you will apply or change in your professional practice.

-        Children emotion and psychology of different development stages

-        Will share the knowledge to district child protection officers to work with children

-        How to approach teenagers

-        Approprate age for disclosing HIV status to children

-        Toy library has positive impact to child development

-        All experiences shared by presenters and participants

-        Backpack for youth in life

-        Will develop district plan for children care and protection

-        All aspects of the workshop

-        Right perspective toward children development from 1- 3 years old

-        In- time age-appropriate intervention for children

-        Demonstration or role model for children

-        Need-based interventions

-        Games and activities in the workshop

-        Major activities of children in different development stages


2.3   Is there any part of the training you can help us to improve by sharing what didn’t feel useful or can you share other ideas to inspire us? Please describe

-        The workshop is practical and meaningful

-        More technical workshops in speech therapy and special education for children with disability

-        Organize this workshop for caregivers in orphanages

-        Provide presentation handouts

-        More similar workshops

-        We want to here more from children benefited in the projects