CBR Projects

Over the last three decades, there has been considerable change in the understanding and practice
of Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR), with the recognition that persons with disabilities
have the same rights, and need access to the same services and opportunities, as others in their
communities. CBR practice has changed from a medical orientated, often single sector (e.g.
health or education), service delivery approach, to a comprehensive, multi-sectoral, rights-based
one. (International Disability and Development Consortium [IDDC], 2012).
Since July 2016, WWO Vietnam has worked on Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
projects at multiple hard-to- reach locations across Vietnam to address the needs of children with
disabilities and their families. Our CBR projects have received overwhelming supports from the
local authorities and communities, from educational and medical institutions, as well as
corporations from the private sector and individuals.

Working with persons with disabilities to develop their capacity, address their specific needs, ensure equal opportunities and rights, and facilitate them to become self-advocates.

Working with the community and society at large to remove barriers that exclude persons with disabilities, and ensuring the full and effective participation of all persons with disabilities in all development areas, on an equalbasis with others.


  • Case management – Regular home visits
  • Distribution of milk and nutritional supplement
  • Diagnostic and follow-up examinations by medical doctors
  • Play sessions at the toy library
  • Monthly scholarships for children with disabilities
  • Counseling sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist
  • Referral for medical treatment and/or surgery at no charge
  • Build new houses or add bathroom to existing homes
  • Fund for medical surgery
  • Provide transportation and accommodation while receiving treatment at major hospitals in Ho Chi Minh