Psychosocial Development

WWO support children and youth to overcome Psychological Trauma and Build Resilience through: 

  • Intelligence, Emotions, and Mental Well-Being Standardized Screening
  • Mind-Body Relaxation and Stress Reduction Courses
  • Behavioral Management Training
  • Clinical psychological counseling and therapy for Individual, Family and Group
  • Integration of Play into various Interventions: Toy libraries, Music in Motion, Play the Story, Speech Language Therapy, Sensory Processing Regulation, Arts & Crafts.
  • Life skills to develop Independent Living Competence
  • Camp Colors of Love for children and youth with serious illnesses

Besides, in our Case Management approach, we provide the following services to the families/caregivers of the child:

  • Quality of Life Standardized Screening
  • Home Visits and Family Support
  • Family Emergency Relief Fund
  • Microfinance Services for Family
  • Community Network Development


Since 2008, through a partnership with SeriousFun Children’s Network, every summer WWO has hosted Camp Colors of Love (CCL) – fun-packed 100%-free camp for children living with serious illnesses and/or with a different ability.

CCL activities are designed to teach children life-skills, interpersonal-skills, healthcare knowledge, and to renew their resilience and sense of hope in the most exciting and creative manners.

In recent years, due to the rising number of applications from campers, CCL has evolved into an additional day camp and weekend camp programs to enhance its accessibility, flexibility, and efficiency.