Our team

We are a team of 13 national professionals that includes Pediatrician, Clinical Psychologists, Social workers, Educators, Functional therapists, Business Development specialist. We are strongly committed to standardized service, following a holistic approach to sustainable development of our clients.


28 years ago, I made the best decision when I joined the community of international Non-Profit Organizations in Viet Nam.

My life has never been the same since then, as I can join hands with like-minded people and organizations to facilitate positive changes to the lives of thousands of children, youth and people living in unthinkable adversity in Viet Nam.  

I feel so blessed to be part of the WWO global team since 2011 to provide need-based, comprehensive support for more than 35000 children and youth in Viet Nam, and empower 12000 service providers and caregivers through training and hands-on coaching. 


It’s quite natural for a pediatrician to work with children. I have experienced different environments and positions during my time in the work. Over time I have come to realize that treatment is not just medication but I needed to have sympathetic heart for my little patients and their families. This motivates me a lot to try my best. Being a staff member at WWO has given me the chance to meet with people who have the same purpose. With this unity in our hearts, we try our best to help vulnerable children and youths. It’s always a privilege to see them transformed not only into positive, healthy and optimistic people, but also useful members their community and society. 


A part of WWO Vietnam for more than 10 years, I have had a chance to join in many projects so that my technique and experience are also developed from the practical lessons, from contact with leaders and colleagues. I’m glad to have contributed my efforts to help the community.

Although not trained as a professional social worker, I think that no matter what position I am in, if I try my best to foster the spirit of development, and develop the moral qualities of social worker, I can contribute effectively to fulfill WWO Vietnam’s mission.


I have been working with WWO Vietnam since 2012. It has been a really long, joyful and rewarding journey. My work is always motivated by the positive energy and efforts the team brings to its work, and to the organization’s mission and values “Creating the positive changes for orphans, children and youth living in adversity”

The role of a social worker – our role at WWO – is to help children navigate through the challenges and capture the best opportunities from life. My colleagues and I feel immensely joyful and fortunate to witness the amazing transformation of vulnerable children. So many of them have grown beautifully into responsible adults and contributed to our society.


Since I was a child, I have dreamed of helping other children. As time goes by, I get to experience different working environments and different types of clients, but the childhood dream never dies in me. Working at WWO Vietnam has finally made my dream come true. Every day I grow wiser and kinder with the children whom I am serving. I love this job so much and wish that more people of my generation could be able to find a job that they love just like me.


WWO is the place for children who might need more than a helping hand and words of encouragement. Kids of all ages can come here to play and learn, to feel appreciated and loved. Thank you, WWO – the place we called home– for inviting me to contribute in the development and success of our children.


For  me, working with children and youths living under challenging circumstances is one of the most joyful jobs I could have in life. Working at WWO has made the dream I have had since I was a student at university come true. At WWO, I have been provided with opportunities to use and improve my skills, experiences to contribute to positive changes from children and youths with whom I have worked, and I have also learnt a lot from them as well. I love my job; WWO is truly my second home.


It is my honor to officially become an employee of WWO from 2021. When I was a volunteer, I learned and received a lot of support from WWO and that helped me to improve myself constantly. 

At WWO, I appreciate the heartwarming, in-depth interventions that we do to support children and young people with special circumstances. Therefore, being a part of the organization, being able to contribute to these meaningful activities is a wonderful thing for me.


Program Officer

My childhood was eventful and not always happy. Maybe that’s why I am motivated to create something of value to support young people under special circumstances. I was fortunate to join WWO as a volunteer in 2018 to provide life skills for children. Since then, I realized that WWO is the environment to help me realize my goals. In 2021, I officially became a member of WWO. I hope to contribute to creating a beautiful, colorful tapestry for our little clients’ childhood.


It was very fortunate that I became a volunteer of WWO’s Toy Library Project at a rehab school for disabled children in 2020. 

My love for children, especially ones with disabilities and difficult circumstances grew day by day, and the desire to more contribute to the happiness of children became stronger over the years of being a part of the project. 

I believe that giving makes our lives meaningful and even more meaningful when we support and accompany children who are innocent and vulnerable. 

WWO is the beginning of my work for vulnerable children. Becoming a member of WWO brings me both opportunities and challenges but it’s worth the experience.